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A healthy mind breeds a healthy body

Sound mental health is the hallmark of a healthy life. It encompasses the emotional, social and psychological welfare and corresponds to the ability of an individual to withstand pressure and optimistically contribute toward life. If mental health strikes out of balance, an individual suffers in unimaginable ways from abrupt sleeping, thinking and eating patterns, fatigue, […]


Pregnancy is a special time full of excitement, happiness and anticipation for expectant mothers and their families, but it’s quite different in the corona virus pandemic. Fear, anxiety and uncertainty have replaced the otherwise happy times. When thought of the word “PREGNANCY” by anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical terms and words comes to […]

Iron Mom: Defying anemia during pregnancy

 After a month of the good news, she felt tired and weak all the time. Family members told her to rejoice in the happiness and that this weakness is due to the developing life inside her. As days passed, this lethargic and fatigued state got worse. She visited her doctor, after some investigations she was […]

How has Quarantine and Lockdown Affected Us and Our Mental Health?-At a glance

05/06/2020 The entire nation is in the phase of complete lockdown. All shopping malls, movie theatres, temples, churches, parks, and other places of public gathering have been directed to remain shut until further notice. We all have been directed to stay at home, take precautionary measures, maintain social distancing, and maintain personal hygiene. Most of […]

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