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If looked upon with scrutiny, menstrual hygiene appears to be the most important subject of women empowerment worldwide. And availability of sanitary pads and proper bathrooms are not the solitary issues regarding menstruation. The main evil we have to fight against is the social norms that stand in the way of women as taboos and […]

SanMen: The Frontline Warriors of all Time

“Once I had an accident at work. A slab caught my finger, and I had to treat the wound for 11 months. In total, the care cost me about 60,000 CFA francs (Rs 7580). But I must say that I continued to work while caring for the injury. In the meantime, my mother told me […]

A healthy mind breeds a healthy body

Sound mental health is the hallmark of a healthy life. It encompasses the emotional, social and psychological welfare and corresponds to the ability of an individual to withstand pressure and optimistically contribute toward life. If mental health strikes out of balance, an individual suffers in unimaginable ways from abrupt sleeping, thinking and eating patterns, fatigue, […]


Pregnancy is a special time full of excitement, happiness and anticipation for expectant mothers and their families, but it’s quite different in the corona virus pandemic. Fear, anxiety and uncertainty have replaced the otherwise happy times. When thought of the word “PREGNANCY” by anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical terms and words comes to […]


The Heart is a pump that fuels our body from long before we take birth to the last breath we take. And every moment of our lifestyle has consequences towards its efficiency. It carries oxygen, hormones and other compounds all through our body. It helps us see, breathe, move and live (some would also say […]

Why the World Needs Community Medicine and Epidemiologists-The Actual Pandemic heroes?

05/07/2020 Community Medicine’s Outcry Community Medicine is understood by different names today (Social Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Community Health) and perhaps suffer an existential crisis thanks to regulatory agencies that have never really understood the branch and have not gone beyond dry textbooks and sundry lectures. The Medical Council of India seems to take […]

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