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SanMen: The Frontline Warriors of all Time

“Once I had an accident at work. A slab caught my finger, and I had to treat the wound for 11 months. In total, the care cost me about 60,000 CFA francs (Rs 7580). But I must say that I continued to work while caring for the injury. In the meantime, my mother told me […]

COVID TRIAGE:The Upcoming Problem

With The Corona Pandemic about to show its true ravaging form,Doctors are concerned with a Bigger Problem.. At the highest peak of the Curve,Doctors are presented with a growing Concern,Who should get the treatment first?                                  The Grim Situation The […]


1984. The date that still haunts Indians. At 1 am, people went around gasping for air and choking and coughing and dying.The city of intellectuals was converted to a pyre of deads in a few moments. Locals within areas of freaking 5 km were dead. All this time the plant workers were flummoxed because they […]

Herd Immunity-A Game changer against COVID-19?

It was on 22nd of March that India entered into its first ever large scale lockdown , since its Independence,that it became well known that the corona pandemic was not one of a child’s play. As of May 1,the country moves towards its 5th week of lockdown,with 46k cases and death toll extracting 1k+;and with […]

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