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SanMen: The Frontline Warriors of all Time

“Once I had an accident at work. A slab caught my finger, and I had to treat the wound for 11 months. In total, the care cost me about 60,000 CFA francs (Rs 7580). But I must say that I continued to work while caring for the injury. In the meantime, my mother told me […]

Aarogya Setu: Is Security worth the privacy?

Aarogya Setu literally translates to a bridge to health. (Sanskrit) As stated in the Google Play Store, where it became the fastest growing mobile app of all time, with over 10 crore Indian users, Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of […]


1984. The date that still haunts Indians. At 1 am, people went around gasping for air and choking and coughing and dying.The city of intellectuals was converted to a pyre of deads in a few moments. Locals within areas of freaking 5 km were dead. All this time the plant workers were flummoxed because they […]

Iron Mom: Defying anemia during pregnancy

 After a month of the good news, she felt tired and weak all the time. Family members told her to rejoice in the happiness and that this weakness is due to the developing life inside her. As days passed, this lethargic and fatigued state got worse. She visited her doctor, after some investigations she was […]

Hydroxychloroquine- All you need to know

05/10/2020 We have all seen the drug Hydroxychloroquine/Chloroquine gaining too much fame among the public these days. As soon as it was discovered that it is effective against COVID, at least to some extent, governments around the world began to import it in large numbers. President of the United States, Donald J. Trump even regarded […]

Non-COVID Healthcare during COVID-19: An overview

  India crossed a milestone of 50,000 cases of COVID-19, this Thursday. In spite of having one of the most stringent lock-downs across the globe, a toll of around 1900 deaths, is what the country has had to pay yet. With physical O.P.D.s and non-emergency medical services suspended in critically affected areas to divert resources […]

Why the World Needs Community Medicine and Epidemiologists-The Actual Pandemic heroes?

05/07/2020 Community Medicine’s Outcry Community Medicine is understood by different names today (Social Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Community Health) and perhaps suffer an existential crisis thanks to regulatory agencies that have never really understood the branch and have not gone beyond dry textbooks and sundry lectures. The Medical Council of India seems to take […]

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