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Phineas Gage: The Neurosciences’ most famous patient

07/30/2020 Hello readers! Today, we bring to you the case of an erstwhile American railroad worker- Phineas Gage who was injured in an accident during the railroad construction. Why?  Of course, if we have hit this case today, there’s definitely something very special about it. This is a hitherto unprecedented case. This case is one […]


  CAUTION: THIS BLOG IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY The heading itself raises several questions, first being what are medical fictions? The television shows / movies/ YouTube series. Which illustrate important aspects of medical training such as doctor patient relationship, professionalism, ethical conflicts , struggles  and much more. The second question which arises in […]

COVID TRIAGE:The Upcoming Problem

With The Corona Pandemic about to show its true ravaging form,Doctors are concerned with a Bigger Problem.. At the highest peak of the Curve,Doctors are presented with a growing Concern,Who should get the treatment first?                                  The Grim Situation The […]

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