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“Create a life that feels good on the inside and not just one that looks on outside”

Are you Believer or an atheist? 

Well the answer doesn’t matter if you know the true meaning of spirituality and how it helps one sail the boat of life in all sorts of life conditions.

The increasing rate of mental health disorders especially in youth is now a wake up call for us. Have you ever wondered why the generation of parents and grandparents, in spite of having limited resources, were more content and happier than us (today’s youth). We, being  the more advanced generation, have found some crazy discoveries to ease our lifestyle yet we fail to find inner peace and stability.

Shockingly, many cases are proving that wealth and intelligence is becoming inversely proportional to depressions, bipolar and various mental diseases. So, here we are at an ancient solution that has a very important link with our conscience and yes! That is “spirituality”.


It originated from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ meaning spirits or soul, so it basically means the connection of a man to his/her inner self that is soul. It involves the way in which people fulfill their purpose of life, a search for meaningful life that runs in accordance with the welfare of humanity and last but not least the connection with the Universe.

People often use the term  religion with spirituality interchangeably, but they both are actually separated by a fine line yet connected by strong bonds. Spirituality can enlighten a person with or without being devotee of a particular religion. Religion, however, becomes a mere institution of oppression instead of peace, goodwill and harmony  without spirituality.

So, now you must be thinking why are we then being forced to follow religious practices and religious leaders?

Well, that’s because religion shows you the path to spirituality, it provides you the opportunity to connect with superpower/ god/ universe and acts like a guide to healthy, content and happy life not just for you but also has an impact on the people connected to you. That’s why religion is a very essential part of life.




Mental health is the absence of mental illness and a presence of a well-adjusted personality that  contributes effectively to the life of the community.

Lack of spirituality can interfere with interpersonal relationships, irritability, constant confusion and self loathing which can contribute to the genesis of psychiatric disturbance.In various cases, lack of interest in religious practices and too much distorted practices have been one of the most diagnostic features of depression, schizophrenia, etc. 

Spirituality teaches us to be :

  • flexible with surrounding, 
  • acceptance of handicaps, 
  • control of temper, 
  • control of senses
  • serenity to accept things
  • Feel sense of purpose
  • Lead a healthier life

And, hence help in various stress induced mental disorders. Spirituality not just acts as one of the most important diagnostic features as well as forms an important part of psychotherapy.



Various psychiatrists have seen that religiosity has kept children from smoking, drinking & drug abuse by buffering the impact of life stresses. Parents involved in religious activities and aware about the importance of spirituality have harmonious relationships and better potential in children by increasing their competence , self regulation and psychological adjustment to all sorts of situations in life.

Earlier, psychiatrists used to consider spirituality as a myth and a mental illness cause but soon  they realized the truth about spirituality and how it is impacting the life of their patients. It’s been seen that honesty and responsibility as part of religious values promotes alcohol abstinence and various ill-behavior. Our civilization has lost the knowledge about “soul” and is causing various psychological problems.

Hence, it’s the responsibility of psychiatrists to remind the medical fraternity the necessity of putting back the soul in medical ethics.


  • We should support the belief of patients in religion that is HELPING HIM IMPROVE but do not promote pathological religion experience.
  • Spirituality helps in building a strong therapeutic relationship between patient and doctors.
  • While using spirituality as a mode of treatment, it not only helps the patient but also the growth of the doctor’s conscience.
  • Tie ups between religious institutions and mental health workers should be encouraged. Religious workers must be aware about the mental illness symptoms and mental health worker spiritual orientations.
  • The psychiatrist should know the difference between normal and pathological religious experience.
  • Conflicts might arise with religious experience but not with spirituality, should be dealt with caution.


 {the picture on the right hand side is painted by sumedha pandey (author) herself}


  •  Prayers and channelizing your energies towards good sources
  • Read the holy books, the one who understands the true essence of these books, will never require a self help book or motivation from others and is able to enjoy the true spirituality.
  • Meditation, Yoga and other relaxation technique practices to help you focus and find peace of mind.
  • Seek out the causes or do the activities that give you happiness.
  • If you are unable to read holy books, you must read inspirational stories and videos.
  • Talk to or surround yourself with other spiritual people
  • Follow and join organisations that teach spirituality like Art of living, etc.

So, now you know why our fore-fathers and fathers have managed to live their lives happily even with limited resources. The need of the hour is to understand that all the wealth earned and hard work done goes down the drain if you are unhappy and content.

“Work for the welfare of all and you shall attain the secret to universal peace”.



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